My girlfriend was and is still watching vlogs on a regular base. As interested as I am I thought, hey maybe there are some people for me to follow as well. About 8 years ago I followed Shane Dawson but that was it. I started to search and came across some awesome YouTubers. They have talks about design, webdesign, front-end, back-end, UX, UI and all the other stuff interesting for web developers. Here is my list of 10 YouTubers I watch on regular base and so should you!

  1. Flux (Ran Segall)
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Mackenzie Child
  4. Sketch Together
  5. Funfunfunction
  6. Ihatetomatoes
  7. Sarah Doodly
  8. The Futur
  9. CharliMarieTV
  10. Sander Volbeda

More infomation about the YouTubers is below here! Find out which YouTubers you might want to subscribe to.

The YouTubers:

Flux (Ran Segall)

It’s ridiculous how fast this guy has grown his channel. I’ve been following him for more than a year and he’s becoming big! Ran posts a video every week day. His videos are focused on design, freelancing and start-ups. He’s sponsored by Webflow not because of the money he gets from them but the love he has for the tool. By far Ran Segall is one of my favorites and he will be big on YouTube.