The first time I came across the term Mastermind Group was in 2017 or so, I’ve joined some Mastermind Groups but all were focused on quantity of members instead of quality … nonetheless all of the groups I’ve tried were for free. Late 2020 I gave it a shot to try and gather members for my ‘own’ Mastermind Group with the focus on Side Projects, and with success!

Mastermind Group: Side-Projects

For the Mastermind Group, I was able to find some local people, which of course is handy since we can speak our own language (Dutch), and we can meet face-face after the COVID pandemic is gone. So far there are 6 active members in the group and we do a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month. Every meeting 3 people have 20 minutes to talk about their roadblocks, the rest of the members can give feedback. The time is limited so that everything will be on point.