What is your skill set? What makes you different from other designers? Nowadays there are more and more designers, but the demand has never been higher either. Anyone can build an app with Appmachine or a website with Wix. That’s not a bad thing, but a change to which you have to adjust. So: what kind of designers are companies looking for? It’s a question I asked myself, so I did some research.

Things We All Know

As a designer, you can focus on print design, which is — sadly enough — a disappearing art. At the moment though, the number of jobs in the print world is still sufficient.

In web design, jobs keep popping up but to be a good web designer, you have to know so many things. Every vacancy I see coming by requires at least the ability to work with Photoshop or Sketch — that’s not a problem! Then you should know HTML5 and CSS3 (preferable Sass, which is awesome by the way!) — okay, that’s not a problem either. And don’t forget JavaScript/jQuery!

It’s these web designers that can spit out JavaScript code, that is loved by every company. Spotify, Google, Netflix and all the big names are looking for them, and there is a good reason for that.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s getting easier to create things like apps and websites — but how do you distinguish yourself? How can you create a way more awesome experience than other designers?

Create Awesome Things Yourself!

Well, for that you’ve got to be able to design, but also to be able to create it. Working together with a front-end or back-end developer means you have to communicate — and that’s not easy. How are you able to tell somebody how something should move and how fast it has to go? These are mostly JavaScript things, although it’s getting easier to do some of those things with CSS already.

So: if you want a guaranteed job as a web designer, you’ve got to learn JavaScript. I always thought that when you’re a great web designer (design only), you can work together with front-end and back-end developers to create your awesome designs.

But trust me, you should do it yourself.

Sander Volbeda

Since I’ve learned the front-end part, I am able to create awesome things myself. I still have to get into JavaScript, but I will.

What Else Can Make You Great?

Do you use Lorem Ipsum text to create headings? You do? That’s bad.

Try not to use Lorem Ipsum text at all — try to find an alternative for it. Good web designers are able to create great experiences by writing texts that fit right in their design. Great web designers use typography, create their own photos and videos and know their way around colours.

It’s another path, but I recommend you to think about it. You’re selling the complete experience package.

More Ways Than One

Becoming an awesome designer can be done in more ways than one. In this rapidly changing design world, I’m looking forward to virtual reality design; this will open up new ways to design interfaces and change the way we experience them. This might be an area to look into for my next blog.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Don’t forget to always do things you like. Take the path you think is great for yourself — for me that’s web design. Along that path I come across the skills I think I have to learn, in my case JavaScript.

Final words of this Design article

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