Have you ever been driving from point a to point, just as relaxed as you always do? Well some people just ruin relaxed driving because they are in a hurry. When in your own car, that doesn’t matter. It might be frustrating others but who cares right?

But what if I told you people do this in their company’s car as well. First of all why do you drive in the a car of your company? It’s to make the brand you work for more known, you’re proud of working for a company or it might just be cheap. Well the last reason isn’t the best but okay we all understand that.

Representing Your Company

I think when representing your brand you have to act like the brand you work for. For example I was driving around in the evening and there was this delivering car from the local bakery just rushing around. The driver didn’t care about the other drivers on the way. For a local business this might even hurt more than the bigger brands.

The Point

My point is that everybody that works for a company is representing the company (brand). It’s only about just driving a car with the company’s brand on it. It’s how you act when representing the company you work for. Let’s be honest, many people are working at places they don’t want to work, but that doesn’t mean you have act like you don’t like it. Thankfully the people that work in the tech sector are on average scale pretty happy and love to represent the brand they work for.

So think twice about when you’re representing the company or brand you work for. Maybe the company you work for isn’t great for you, then search for a company that is. Not only for yourself but also for the company you currently work for.