Is the desk you use to work on messy or clean? I noticed that when I changed around my screen, laptop etc. around that my desk was pretty full with stuff I never use. So I cleaned it up! I went to the IKEA in Groningen and bought myself a office cabinet for all the stuff that I never or rarely use.

This was the best choice of this week. Now my desk is clean. This helps me to focus but also to be more relaxed. Finally I have the space to make some sketches. But for how long will it stay this way? We all have these moments that we once in awhile clean up everything but slowly all the stuff that we never use is getting back at our desk until it is time we clean up again. Well I will try to avoid that this time.

At work my desk is messy, that is so bad. When I get at work I empty all my pockets and drop in on the desk. So let’s see that is my iPhone, keys of my home, keys of my bike, my wallet, my watch and my ring since I don’t like to wear things on my fingers/wrists when I am hardcore typing code. You thought that was all? There is also a bottle for cold water, thee cup and coffee cup on my desk. Now I am writing about I am thinking, this is a lot.

It is not for nothing that many companies have a clean desk policy. The main reasons for a clean desk policy are:
It’s easier to clean (obviously)
The appearance to clients is more professional
There is more focus what will help to get project done quicker

I think everybody, at least at their work, should have a office cabin or something like a box where they can put all that stuff in that they rarely use. Also I think you should always clean up your desk after a day of work to start fresh the next time you get at your desk.

What are the things you really want to have on your desk that you use a lot? For me it’s my Macbook (including stand), my screen, my audiobox, desk lamp, my pencils and my Big Ben statue from London.