Guido asked me to join his podcast to talk about the CRO-tool project on his podcast called CRO Café. We did this podcast in Dutch, sorry for the non-Dutchies. This was my first experience with podcasting and I loved it ever since. Enough chit chat, enjoy listening.

During the podcast we talked about how I came up with the idea to create the CRO-tool, what it is about and the way it’s heading. Down below you can find a short summary.

Summary of CRO-Tool on CRO Café

There was no search engine for cognitive biases yet, which meant that in order to use cognitive biases in a proper way you needed an expert. To solve this problem I came up with the search engine.

CRO-tool is for both beginners and experts in either UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), it could also be useful for marketers!

With CRO-tool you can find the cognitive biases which can be used for testing a hypothesis. The CRO-tool will include examples on how to apply the bias to websites, e-commerce and applications.