Are you working more than 40 hours a week? You’re not the only one, I’m one of those people as well. Many people say you need to take more time for yourself. But is that really true? Let’s talk about it.

The 40 Hour Workweek

Since I’m working for a company – no, I’m not a freelancer – I’m working 40 hours a week. So that’s 5 days, 8 hours a day from monday until friday. Of course you’re probably spending some more time at work then those 8 hours a day that’s in your contract. But I think that’s the same for everybody.

Now if you’re a freelancer this is a different story – or isn’t it? I know many freelancers that also work 40 hours and not more, because that might be too stressful and they have other things to do. Although they are more flexible with their work times of course. When I was freelancing (during my study) I spended 20 hours a week working on my business, but I was thinking about it 60 hours a week if not more.

Is Thinking About Your Work the Same as Working?

In my opinion it is. Thinking about your work is not the same as relaxing or chilling, right? If you’re a workaholic like I am it’s good to have some people around you that hold you down. Sometimes you don’t know when to stop working, for example this week I worked on this blog, wrote two blogs, promoted these blogs on social media and of course I worked 40 hours for my boss. Besides that I’m specialising in UX design so I’m learning as well.

So, are you really working 40 hours a week or more if you include the thinking about work? I figured that most people will say more. Some people have this rare ability that when they leave work they stop thinking about it, I’m very jealous of that! That’s something that I can’t do at all.

Is This Good Or Bad?

This is what makes me different from a bunch of other people. Are you, just like me, always up to date about what is going on in your world (by which I mean design or development world of course)? Are you always eager to learn? You want to be the best and always solve problems, not for your job, but for the people you create something for. Yeah, this is really positive in my opinion.

It’s rare that people can still do side projects next to their 40 hour work week, so I’m pretty proud that I can do all this and still love it! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Work Less Hours?

If you want to work less than 40 hours a week and still be as productive as 40 hours, then you’ve got to go freelancing and work on project base (payment for project instead of per hour). This way you’re able to do everything quickly and get a great amount of money. This is not something you can do if you’re employed at a boss. But the thinking about your work isn’t going to get less, probably it will even increase. So saying this, will it make a difference? I don’t think so. But let me know if you disagree! You can also read this very popular book called the 4 hour workweek.

Frustrations That You’re Working More Than others

Sometimes it might be frustrating that you’re working more than others. Just deal with it! You might not directly see it, but in the long run your drive to work hard will get you further than others. It will lead to better positions and job offers for you. So remember, always work hard! Also find something to do what you love and don’t forget to relax. Do a bit of gaming, take a puppy like I did and be kind to other people. Stay positive and keep the long term perspective.