Hello there! My name is Sander, I’m a what they call Full Stack Designer. Why? Because I’m a specialist in CRO and UX, but I can also do UI/SEO/Front-end development. My interest is very wide as you can see.

Work history

During my career, I’ve been working for some great (international) companies.

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My first ‘real’ job was during the summer of 2015 where I was a junior graphic designer during the summer at Catawiki. My main focus was to create as many banners and social ads images as possible since the senior graphic designer was overloaded.

My first full-time job was a front-end traineeship, that’s all I have to say about it hehe. That job helped me to get the job at Jobs and Media Group, where I was responsible for UX/UI Design and front-end development. Basically I made complete WordPress websites for them. After more than 2 years it was time to move on for me.

In a few years, I had so many different job titles already and I constantly had to learn new skills. Why not add another one? When I started working at Parkos in 2019 I got into conversion rate optimisation which I really like. After doing some courses and putting everything together/setting everything up for Parkos I found some hiccups which in the end are solved by the tool I created (CRO tool).

In 2019 I also became a dad which changed my perspective on working full-time, after working full-time for over a year for Parkos I also decided to quit my job there.

Since 2020 I’m working part-time for Buro Staal and the rest of my time I spend on the CRO tool and with my family. Great combination!


In 2016 I have finished the study CMD (Communication and Multimedia Design) at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, the Netherlands. During my study I specialised myself in Brand- and designmanagement, which helped me to understand and build business from the design perspective. The time it took me to complete this study? 4 years, so no delay for me!

So, I’ve got my Bachelor of Science. Pretty good right? What did I love about my study? That I had so much time … While others used the time to chill, drink and go out I used the time to create my design business and learn, learn, learn about (ux) design.

Before I started with my bachelor study I studied hotel management, also completed that of course. That’s where I developed my entrepreneurial and social skills. But yeah, eventually not my thing. While I was doing this study I was always designing in the spare time I had. Logical choice to do a design study after this.


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Dear Reader,

Sander is enthusiastic, studious, and a true asset to any team. Sander and I were direct colleagues during my employment at Catawiki and Parkos. Therefore, I had the opportunity to get to know him and brainstorm regarding UX, CRO and Marketing in general. Sander’ critical outlook and thinking in solutions rather than problems are much appreciated.

His enthusiasm and passion for design and CRO will not stay unnoticed. To give an example, he is building his own CRO tool and he is a true CRO ambassador within Parkos where he tries to challenge the different teams related to the subject.

Besides his stunning work ethic, eye for detail, creative outlook and years of experience, Sander creates a positive atmosphere which is very motivating.

I would highly recommend Sander to a future employer.

Melinda Crnovršanin – Online marketing colleague at Catawiki and Parkos

A workday spontaneously becomes fun with Sander there. Not only is he your go-to man for questions—which he answers with great patience—he also tackles just about any specialism. In-depth research? No problem. Wireframes and flowcharts? He’ll do it. And, as if it weren’t enough, he’ll provide designs and front-end code like it’s nothing. In return, you’ll have to listen to his stories on Formula 1, but it’s worth it.

Five stars out of five. Recommended for any team.

Ilse Löbker – Design colleague at Jobs and Media Group



  • Google Analytics 2019
  • Google Tag Manager 2019
  • Online Dialogue – Conversion Specialist 2019
  • Interaction Design Foundation 2017/2018
    Web Design for Usability, Conducting Usability Testing, Dynamic User Experience: Design and Usability, User Research — Methods and Best Practices, Become a UX Designer from Scratch & Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
  • Google Mobile Sites-certificering 2017
  • Online Digitale Marketing-training 2016
  • Dutch Digital Agencies Talent program 2016
  • PLAY_GRND Talent program 2015

I’m also working SEO for lifebyilse.nl and projectdroombaan.nl