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Hello there! I’m Sander, a Freelance conversion optimization (CRO) specialist.Let me walk you through my experience.

Sander Volbeda and Wolf


  1. Born in 1991 and dad of 2 boys (Wolf & Luca)
  2. Like doing sports, watching Formula 1, and building my own CRO SaaS product
  3. Working remotely for international brands from Groningen, the Netherlands
  4. Ran over 300+ experiments
  5. Founder of
  6. UX (User Experience), Design, and Front-end (HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript)
  7. Google Stack: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize


You might know me from somewhere. I’ve been on multiple podcasts, and I’m active on LinkedIn.

Designing Behaviour – The Impact of Psychology on CRO

Marketing done Right (Dutch) – All psychology for CRO at one place

CRO Café (Dutch) – Searchengine to create psychology based hypothesis

Why conversion optimization?

The answer to the question is: I was tired of people giving their opinion.

Conversion optimization is data driven. That’s what I like about it. People still have opinions, of course, but now I can say: Hé let’s do an experiment! That will show us what our potential customers like more.

Instead of rebranding or overhauling your complete website, which often costs you a lot of conversions, you could now start with conversion optimization. You’ll optimize your website in smaller steps, but everything you do is now tested. From this point on, you’ll only add things your targeted audience likes. This will increase conversion rather than decrease it.

How it started

Back in the day, around 2001/2002 I really started to get into design. I was creating signature images (like email signatures, but then for forums) every day. From that point on, I knew what I was going to do.

Oh wait, I didn’t. After completing secondary school, I completed my study in hospitality. I’ve learned a lot and continued to study Communication and Multi-media Design. Thumbs up for also completing that one.

This is where it gets interesting. My ambition was to get a job at brands like Coca-cola and Nike. It didn’t turn out that way. Instead, I moved on to front-end development.

Yes, this doesn’t make any sense to me either.

Work experience/history

What turned out to be a weird road I’ve walked all came together in the end. Every step I had taking was to become a conversion specialist (without knowing).


  • 2015 – Catawiki – Junior Graphic Designer (during my study)
  • 2016 – Nordique – Font-end Development
  • 2016 – Started Freelancing as a side hustle
  • 2017 – Jobs & Media Group – UX Designer
  • 2019 – Parkos – CRO Specialist
  • 2019 – Founded CRO tool (Side project)
  • 2020 – Buro Staal – CRO Specialist
  • 2021 – Full-time freelance + CRO tool

Meanwhile, I’ve always been working on my own side projects and started to learn about SEO as well.

Testimonials of people I’ve worked with

Down below, you can find testimonials of people I’ve worked with at various companies before going freelance.

Ilse Löbker (UX Designer)

A workday spontaneously becomes fun with Sander there. Not only is he your go-to man for questions—which he answers with great patience—he also tackles just about any specialism. In-depth research? No problem. Wireframes and flowcharts? He’ll do it. And, as if it weren’t enough, he’ll provide designs and front-end code like it’s nothing. In return, you’ll have to listen to his stories on Formula 1, but it’s worth it.

Five stars out of five. Recommended for any team.

Ilse Löbker – Design colleague at Jobs and Media Group (now working as UX Designer at Dept Agency)

Melinda Crnovršanin (Online Marketing)

Sander is enthusiastic, studious, and a true asset to any team. Sander and I were direct colleagues during my employment at Catawiki and Parkos. Therefore, I had the opportunity to get to know him and brainstorm regarding UX, CRO, and Marketing in general. Sander’s critical outlook and thinking in solutions rather than problems are much appreciated.

His enthusiasm and passion for design and CRO will not stay unnoticed. To give an example, he is building his own CRO tool, and he is a true CRO ambassador within Parkos where he tries to challenge the different teams related to the subject.

Besides his stunning work ethic, eye for detail, creative outlook, and years of experience, Sander creates a positive atmosphere that is very motivating.

I would highly recommend Sander to a future employer.

Melinda Crnovršanin – Online marketing colleague at Catawiki and Parkos (now working at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Sara de Rouw (Copywriter/content creator)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sander for almost two years. During the early months of my first ‘grown up’ job, Sander was pretty much guiding me through this exciting time. He always took a moment out of his schedule to thoroughly explain the things that were new to me—projects, methods, strategies, and how to properly use a coffee machine. Things I’ll make sure to remember.

As a copywriter/content creator, I was working closely with Sander during several projects. Often exchanging ideas on how to improve products, content, or—if we were given the chance—the world altogether. Because Sander has a vision. A strong and inspiring one.

I remember being constantly amazed by his dedication and knowledge. He will tell you passionately about the wonders of good user experience, but he’d be just as happy to tell you about networking on social media.

His knowledge goes far beyond his own discipline, and I think that’s admirable. He’s able to see the bigger picture and put his vision into words. Concrete plans even. And when it comes to executing these plans, he’ll be the one making sure they’re realized to perfection. Putting in the most effort and care imaginable. Just as he’ll put the most effort and care into supporting the people around him, of which I’m still very thankful.

Sara de RouwCopywriter/content creator colleague at Jobs and Media Group (now working as Head of Content at Traffic Today)


In my ‘free’ time, I like to take on some other small projects. This is only for friends and family, though. Nonetheless, I would like to share it with you.

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