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A CRO audit is an important step in ensuring your website is conversion friendly. By conducting a thorough review of your website’s design, messaging, and user experience, you can identify areas that may be hindering your conversion rate and take steps to improve it.

While there are many factors that can affect your conversion rate, a CRO audit can help you zero in on potential areas of improvement so you can make changes that will have the biggest impact. If you’re serious about boosting your website’s conversion rate, a CRO audit is a great place to start.

What does a CRO audit contain?

For the CRO audit I’ll dive into your website, app, or website. The CRO audit will always contain the heuristics analysis, expert review (based on my own framework), prioritised backlog and 3 to 5 experiments you could get started with to improve your website. Optional: data analysis of Google Analytics, and heatmaps and recordings.

1. Heuristics analysis

I’ll start with a heuristics analysis. A heuristics analysis is a quick, informal review for usability issues. I’ll look at the website without any knowledge about the product or business.  I’ll try to use it just as if I was a new visitor to your site.

2. Expert review (based on my own framework)

The expert review is an in-depth analysis of the website, based on my own learnings and experience. I’ll look at the usability and user experience as well as how it compares to your competitors. This may include some competitor research.

3. Data from Google Analytics (or any other analytics tool)

Valuable data can be found in Google Analytics. I’ll check if any devices, screen sizes, browsers, etc. are lacking conversions which can indicate there’s a usability error.

4. Analyse heatmaps and recordings

By analyzing heatmaps and recordings of your visitors I can identify areas of improvement for a website or application.

5. Backlog (prioritized)

A backlog is a prioritized list of work for a marketing/development team. This will ensure that you are working on the most important tasks for optimizing the conversion.

6. Experiment ideas

The CRO audit will contain up to 5 experiments you could immediately start working on for your website. If that’s not something you or your company is up for you could always proceed the collaboration with me. Check the monthly experimentation or consultancy service for more information about this subject.

The benefits a CRO audit

A CRO audit is a process that helps you understand how well your organization’s conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts are working. It can identify areas where improvements can be made to increase conversions and ROI.

  1. Know where to start your conversion optimization process
  2. Identify quick wins which can increase conversion overnight
  3. Have a prioritized backlog

The goal of a CRO audit is to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make improvements. If your conversion rates are low, don’t despair – with the right changes, you can turn things around and start seeing results.

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