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In today’s digital landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to enhance their online presence and boost their bottom line. One significant challenge they face is the need to improve Conversion Rate Audit on their websites.  Many businesses find themselves in a dilemma – they have a stream of website visitors, but these visitors aren’t converting into customers or taking desired actions.

Result of the CRO audit

The culmination of these analyses results in a prioritized backlog. This backlog is divided into two main categories direct implementation and experimentation.

Prioritzed backlog

Easy to hand-over to the marketing/development team.

Direct implementation

These are typically usability issues that can be addressed promptly.


Other findings, which may require testing and experimentation to optimize effectively.

What’s Included in a CRO Expert Audit

Enter the CRO Expert Audit, a powerful solution that can transform your website’s performance and unlock its full potential. A CRO Expert Audit is like a comprehensive health check-up for your website, conducted by a specialized Conversion Rate Optimization expert.

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  • Checkmark iconAnalytics Analysis
  • Checkmark iconHeuristic Evaluation / Expert Review
  • Checkmark iconRecordings Analysis
  • Checkmark iconHeatmaps Analysis
  • Checkmark iconBest Practices Analysis
  • Checkmark iconReview Mining Analysis
  • Checkmark iconCompetitor Analysis
  • Checkmark iconSurvey Analysis

Consider this scenario

Your company has invested substantial resources in developing a website, attracting traffic, and promoting products or services. However, despite your best efforts, you notice that the conversion rates on your website are disappointingly low. You have plenty of visitors, but they’re not taking that critical step – making a purchase, signing up, or engaging with your brand.

The stakes are high. Poor conversion rates mean missed revenue opportunities, and your company’s online reputation is on the line. The frustration mounts as you wonder why your website isn’t performing as it should. You may have tried various strategies, but results remain elusive.

But here’s the silver lining: you’re not alone in facing this challenge. Many companies grapple with the same issue. The question is, what can you do to turn the tide in your favor?

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Enter the CRO Expert Audit, a powerful solution that can transform your website’s performance and unlock its full potential. A CRO Expert Audit is like a comprehensive health check-up for your website, conducted by a specialized Conversion Rate Optimization expert. These experts possess a unique blend of skills, including psychology, data analysis, design, and coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Here’s what a CRO Expert Audit entails:

What does a CRO audit contain?

For the CRO audit I’ll dive into your website, app, or website. The CRO audit will always contain the heuristics analysis, expert review (based on my own framework), prioritised backlog and 3 to 5 experiments you could get started with to improve your website. Optional: data analysis of Google Analytics, and heatmaps and recordings.

1. Analytics Analysis

This involves examining data from website analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and performance trends.

2. Heuristic Evaluation / Expert Review

A usability assessment where experts evaluate a website’s design and functionality based on established usability principles and their own expertise.

3. Recordings Analysis

The review of user session recordings to understand how visitors navigate and interact with a website, identifying areas for improvement.

4. Heatmaps Analysis

Visual representations of user interactions on a website, highlighting areas of high and low engagement, helping identify user preferences.

5. Best Practices Analysis

An evaluation of a website’s adherence to industry-recognized best practices for design, usability, and conversion optimization.

6. Review Mining Analysis

Extracting valuable insights from user reviews, feedback, and comments to understand customer sentiment and preferences.

7. Competitor Analysis

Studying competitors’ websites and strategies to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

8. Survey Analysis

Collecting and analyzing user feedback through surveys to gather insights into user preferences, pain points, and suggestions for improvement.

Absolutely, there are even more data sources to analyze beyond the ones mentioned in the list. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and user experience optimization, data is abundant, and each source provides unique insights.

The benefits a CRO audit

A CRO audit is a process that helps you understand how well your organization’s conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts are working. It can identify areas where improvements can be made to increase conversions and ROI.

  1. Know where to start your conversion optimization process
  2. Identify quick wins which can increase conversion overnight
  3. Have a prioritized backlog

The goal of a CRO audit is to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make improvements. If your conversion rates are low, don’t despair – with the right changes, you can turn things around and start seeing results.

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