Case study: Jobsite Personalization

Curious about how I work? I will show you in this case study! Don’t judge, it’s my first. If you have any tips or feedback, feel free to hit me up on Instagram! Furthermore, enjoy reading.


The job site I’m doing this case for wants to be more unique so it has a better chance at competing with the bigger and more known job sites. Along with the competition, the following factors are the reasons for the difficulties.

  1. Returning visitors (they apply only to one great vacancy and leave again).
  2. Value (the websites doesn’t bring extra value compared to other job sites).
  3. Complex system.


  1. To bring value to the users/visitors.
  2. To be able to show the best vacancies for the users.
  3. To help find our users/visitors a new job.

The proposal

Make the website personal, this means show the information the user is looking for. We know the users of a job site are open/looking for a potential new job. The key here is personalization.

This will enable the users to look for relevant vacancies quickly throughout a busy day. Users have less to think about, fewer actions to do on the job site and can explore opportunities they might not have searched for themselves.

The vacancies that can be shown can be sorted for the users the vacancies are catered to each user based on their preferences, skills and location.

If there is more information known about the user, there should also be the ability to show video’s or blogs that can help the users prepare for the next step in their career, interviews for example.

Showing personalized information will increase the trust in the job site, as result users will come back more often and they will remember and share their experience about our brand with other people.

Design Process

  • Step 1: Problem, goal and concept solution
  • Step 2: Research personalization
  • Step 3: Scenario and personas
  • Step 4: Pain points
  • Step 5: Solution and design
  • Step 6: Conclusion

My role

Primarily I have worked on user experience research and creative thinking. Teaming up with my design colleague who was responsible for visual design and my development colleagues who were responsible for the interaction and implementation.


What is personalization exactly, how did it develop in the last couple of years before 2018 and what is the future of personalization.