Freelance CRO Specialist - Sander Volbeda

With my CRO skills, I will help grow your company’s website during the scale-up phase using CRO, UX, data and psychology.

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Freelance CRO specialist Sander Volbeda Portret


Hi, I’m Sander Volbeda! I’m a designer who knows CRO, UX, UI, SEO and Front-end development basics. You know so many skills Sander, but how? Well, I don’t excel in all of them, but I know more than enough to get my way around with it. I work best with companies and teams that have the ambition to grow and are able to set high targets for themselves.

Most of the free time I have I spend on the CRO tool which I founded together with my friend Roelof Jan. The CRO tool is a must-have! It’s a documentation tool where research can be documented and the hypothesis can be written. Next to that, you can connect all your data to the tool.

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