Have you surrounded yourself with passionate creators as I have? I’m lucky that I’m having friends with the same passion for creating stuff like websites and applications. Although I’m more of a designer/front-end developer and my friends Jerke and Roelof are more back-end developers we all share the passion for creating stuff online.

Everything starts with either passion or extreme dedication

Goals drive you to get things done! But passion helps you to wake up with a great feeling (almost) every single day. What would you like to do? Make money or solve problems? How are you going to do this? Can you put everything beside you and totally go for it? If you have a passion for something, you probably can.

I’m working part-time as a designer and part-time as the founder of CRO tool, a search engine for cognitive biases specific for the online market. – no I’m not a freelancer. But besides that, I’m writing this blog – no writing is not my favourite thing. But what I do like is working together with other people, do personal branding and try new things.

But wait … when are you a creator?

In my opinion starting entrepreneurs are creators, people that want to solve problems for others and make life/the world a better place. I’m focused on the online scene, but that doesn’t mean when you design clothes that you aren’t a creator. It’s just how you interpret it. 

I create websites and design user interfaces (UX and UI). But I only feel like a creator when I’m in a project from the start and can help to make decisions. Other people might feel like when they only do the design that’s enough because that’s what they love and I totally agree with that of course. Do you feel like a creator? If so, then you are a creator.

Why surround yourself with creators?

You can help each other and always have something to talk about! Together you come up with new ideas and probably help others or make some money out of it. Also, you keep each other motivated to develop yourself, but also to talk about the fun stuff you come across. 

You can learn a lot from each other when you surround yourself with like-minded people. We’re often like to go to the same meetups and work on side projects – read about how to create time for your side projects – like this blog together.

How to meet new creators?

There are so many ways to meet new creators! (Like yourself?). First off let’s start with online. You can use forums to interact with other people, but I don’t do this anymore since social media got so popular. Nowadays you can use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to connect to people and have great chats about the same interests. 

I did send some messages to random people on Instagram that I liked their work and some of them responded. Then you’ve got many Facebook groups as well. Is Facebook dead? No! Not at all, people just communicate less on their profiles. Groups are still pretty active!

Besides social media, you can also go to meetups in your area. Of course, meetup.com is a great way to check if there’s something in your area. Isn’t there any meetup? Maybe you can organize one yourself! I only see chances here. 

Next to meetups my study really helped me to meet a lot of people/creators. So go to school! Best time I ever had (so much time for my own projects and some gaming hehe).

Don’t be afraid to work together and surround yourself

Some people are afraid to work together and to surround themselves with like-minded people. Most of the time this is because they feel they are doing much more than the other. This might be the case but it’s not something you should worry about if you really think this and you are annoyed then just quit. But don’t do this too quickly, you might regret it.

Try to do as much as possible yourself so you don’t have to wait for others. See it as something you can learn from. Need some advice on this? Just hit me up on Insta, Facebook or Twitter.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this, it takes, of course, some time to create them and I’m not really a writer like I mentioned before. Hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram @SanderVolbeda. Remember surround yourself with like-minded people to stay motivated and quickly learn new skills!

Catch you all next week!