Free Fix! Page Experience Data Missing In Google Search Console

How frustrating your website works perfectly, data is getting into Search Console … but somehow you’re missing some data. I noticed that sometimes the data of Page experience, Core Web Vitals, and/or Mobile Usability was missing.

Most of the time this happened when a new version of the website went live. Did my research, found the problem, and of course, I have the solution. If you don’t want to read the full article:

Check the verified URL in Google Search Console does it contain or Compare the URL with the URL of the website. Go to the website from which the data is missing, copy and paste the URL somewhere and see if it includes or excludes the www. part. If these are different from each other submit the URL of the website again in Google Search Console. Wait a few days and see if the data that was missing is there.

Learn more about the why and read the full article.

Missing page experience, core web vitals, and mobile usability data in Google Search Console

Let’s dive into it and find the issue with the missing data.

Step 1: Check what data is missing

The first thing to do is to figure out what data is missing.

  1. Login into your Google Search Console account
  2. Navigate to the account where the data is missing
  3. Check what data is missing and make some notes somewhere

Step 2: Verified URL

Often the issue is the verified URL. One of the use cases I come across frequently is this one:

The client would like to have a new website. An agency is hired for this, and they build the website on either a staging environment or locally. When the website is finished, it’s being moved to the live hosting environment. This is where it goes wrong. The client already has Google Search Console on their website. The new website has been put live and everybody is happy. But Google Search Console is checked a few days later, the data is missing from page experience, core web vitals, and/or mobile usability. What happened was the URL has been rewritten and now has an automatic redirect.

* This problem could also occur when you change hosting and the URL is changed!

What happened? The original URL that’s verified with Google Search Console includes https://www. while the new URL is without the www. probably there’s an automatically created redirect from the URL that includes the www. to the one without.

  1. Login into your Google Search Console account
  2. Open the client list (top left corner)
  3. Check the verified URL of the client

If that’s not the issue, you’ve got to look into the verifying process. If this is the issue, continue down below.

Step 3: Submit the other URL

Now submit the other URL that includes (or doesn’t include) the www. and also make sure it’s https:// instead of http:// .

Step 4: Return the next day to check the data

You won’t have access to data immediately. Return the next day to check if this was the issue and if there is data now.

Wrap up missing Page experience data

This issue occurred more frequently than you would expect. The page experience data is important, as are the Core Web Vitals, and mobile usability. I hope this tiny problem was easily solved for you. If you would like to know more about Search Console, check my other articles:

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