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100% Free Google Optimize Alternative

12 June 2023 - 14:18

Google Optimize is sunsetting. The exact date depends on when you are reading this article, but the process started in September 2023. It’s sad that a...

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Revert Git commit, 2 simple ways

8 December 2022 - 9:36

Shoot! I don’t know how to revert Git commit. While working on one of my projects, I committed some files I shouldn’t have. Luckily, I learned...

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Change text for returning visitors

6 September 2022 - 8:31

Returning visitors, somebody has visited your website and is coming back, maybe a few hours later or the next day. This person hasn’t decided if he or...

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How to run a Google Optimize experiment based on a class?

30 August 2022 - 13:10

Have you ever wanted to run an experiment based on a specific class in HTML? In this article, I’ll explain the situation when you can use this and how you...

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How to view Google Optimize variant(s) in browser after publishing the experiment?

23 August 2022 - 10:01

Google Optimize is no longer available. It has been sunset by Google. If you’re looking for a free alternative I can recommend running experiments with...

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Sessions-Based Vs. User-Based Google Optimize

22 March 2022 - 11:33

As I’m working on this, 03-2022, Google Optimize uses session-based data instead of unique user-based data. It’s very important to realize that users and...

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Changing Zsh to Bash shell/terminal for Mac (Apple)

29 October 2021 - 11:10

When I first got my new MacBook, I noticed that the terminal was set to Zsh, while I was accustomed to using Bash. I wasn’t quite sure why this happened....

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